Markets Served

Medical / Laboratory

Exceeding the high regulatory standards of water purification in the medical industry is a key business component in which Noble Water prides itself. Through the maintaining of stringent operational criteria and the employment of highly educated technical staff, Noble Water Technologies has the ability to safely and efficiently alter the composition of municipal water to fit all medical processes.

Through our fully validated resin regeneration facility and technical staff, Noble Water specializes in the design, installation, and qualification of laboratory and central sterilization water purification systems regardless of municipal constraints.

Whether your needs are for a Type I quality validated lab system or a service deionization system with documented batch records, NWT can design and deliver the system for your specific requirements.

Maximum Contaminant Levels in Type I – III Purified Water
Contaminant Parameter Type I Type II Type II
Ions Resistivity at 25 °C/MΩ•cm > 18.0 > 1.0 > 0.05
  Conductivity at 25 °C/μS•cm-1 < 0.056 < 1.0 < 20
Organics  Total Organic Content/p.p.b. < 10 < 50 < 200
Pyrogens Eu/mL < 0.03 NA NA
Particulates size/μm < 0.2 NA NA
Colloids Silicia/p.p.b. < 10 < 100 < 1000
Bacteria L CFU/m < 1 < 100 < 1000